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Success Stories.

Feel free to submit your success stories either directly to our staff or send them into our email at [email protected]

"When I was faced with severe lower back pain about 1 1/2 years ago, a friend of mine suggested that I try acupuncture. After 6 months, I knew that this was not helping me. Another friend recommended that I see a chiropractor and she gave me your name. When I first came to see you I could barely get out of my car, open your front door, stand up from sitting in a chair or climb up on the table. At home I could barely climb the stairs, stand long enough to shower, pick anything up from the floor or even sleep in my bed. I would get such muscle spasms that I just wanted to cry!

For years I had not been taking care of myself and everything began to change when I first started to see you. First of all, you insisted that I see a medical doctor (something I had not done for years). She determined that my blood pressure and cholesterol were high and prescribed medication for both. You then taught me about good nutrition and exercise. I wasn't eating the way I should and I had never had a regular exercise routine. You actually worked with me to exercise and improve my strength and balance. I actually lost weight, lowered my blood pressure and my cholesterol level. I no longer take any medication. I take my LifePak Nanomega and Bone Formula supplements twice a day and drink my Greens First and Protein every day, per your recommendation. I am also faithful to my exercise routine and walk 5 to 6 times a week.

Oh I am not totally pain-free, just a work in progress. Sometimes I get discouraged but I just have to remind myself how far I have come and that progress can be slow. I am so happy that you put me back on the right track and for all that, I am so grateful to you."

~ N.W.

" I came to Dr. Nelson because I was in agony and had been to my M.D.'s and 6 different Neuro-surgeons. These doctors never made any plans as to what they would do for my very painful neck, head and spinal pains.

After 2 years of going and having test after test with no results, I finally came to see Dr. Nelson. Yes, after that first treatment, I went home already feeling somewhat better. That night was the first in many months that I could lay my head on my pillow again (because my head had hurt so much). When I came to see Dr. Nelson, my neck was so stiff and painful, I couldn't even do my household chores and, of course, I couldn't drive because my right side was so stiff. My daughter has been driving me to do my errands and to see Dr. Nelson. Dr. Nelson has given me 11 treatments and I am able to lay down to sleep. I used to sleep sitting up. I now have full use of my right side (neck, shoulders, arm and hands).

I intend to continue coming to Dr. Nelson until I am completely rid of the stress that I get up in my neck when I drive. Before coming to Dr. Nelson, I couldn't have even written this paper."

~ I.B.

"In August of 2007, I became seriously ill with back problems. I had wrestled with back problems since 1987, but nothing like the sciatic pain that I felt at that time. I was deep in bereavement and had just retired. These events exacerbated my back pain. I underwent back therapy with another chiropractor, but I was just getting worse.

Then, my son asked a co-worker if he knew of a reliable and skillful chiropractor. The gentleman recommended Dr. Nelson. I made an appointment immediately. I was so desperate because I only wanted relief from the back pain.

I was up and walking after Dr. Nelson adjusted me the first time. I was simply amazed because the pain seemed to lessen somewhat, even though I screamed each time he tried to adjust me.

Dr. Nelson treats the whole patient: body, mind, and spirit. He suggested a balanced diet, along with vitamins and mineral supplements, including a protein and greens drink. In addition, he strongly urged a regimented exercise program and he taught me some exercises to strengthen the back.

I highly recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone who has back problems. I feel healthy physically and emotionally today, due to a large degree to Dr. Nelson's chiropractic expertise, due diligence, and encouragement."

~ L.A.

"I am a success story. I have been seeing Dr. Nelson for many years. I walked into his office the first week he opened in Diamond Bar and we have been together ever since. I was so impressed with how he always took the time to explain to me what he was doing and how I was doing. I started out with him with neck pain and now am being treated for lower back pain. What I have come to realize over the years is that 'I get it' chiropractic is not just for when you are in pain but also when you are doing well in order to stay in the best shape possible. What is special is his Holistic approach, which works well for me since I am into alternative methods. Thank you Dr. Bill!"

~ B.R.